Locksmithing Schools

The following is a list of locksmith schools that is provided to those individuals who request career information. We do not recommend one school over another. To the best of our knowledge the schools listed are in good standing. The ALOA Continuing Education (ACE) program listed involves classes that are offered during local association or chapter education conferences. ACE classes are also held at our annual convention, which includes four full days of locksmithing classes and seminars. In addition the new ALOA Training Center provides training on a variety of subjects throughout the year including a comprehensive Six-Day Basic Locksmithing course. Non-members as well as members of the association are welcome to attend.

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Please contact the ALOA headquarters education@aloa.org or 800-532-2562 x104 for further information.

ALOA Security Professionals Association, Inc

ALOA conducts certification training in many different formats that include over 100 classes at the annual ALOA Convention at contracted regional conventions and at many locally sponsored weekend seminars throughout the year. A schedule of certified class presentations is available on the ALOA website.
Waynes Lockshop Logo

Wayne’s Locksmith Training Videos

The largest collection of online locksmith training videos dedicated to further the education of locksmith industry professionals. With the field branching out in so many directions it is difficult to keep up with the ever-expanding and changing systems and products available today. Get up to date with the latest and greatest products and bypass procedures.
The Charles Stuart School Logo

The Charles Stuart School of Locksmithing

The Charles Stuart School was established as a training facility in 1980, and has provided professional training programs for over thirty years. Charles Stuart School is licensed by the New York State Education Department, accredited by ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges), approved as a vendor for US Veterans Affairs, and ACCESS, (formerly VESID) and the school is also certified for federal, and state financial aid programs. The School began its Locksmithing Program in 1992, and is the only licensed Locksmithing School in New York State.

The National Locksmithing Institute

The National Locksmithing Institute provides a comprehensive locksmith training course. The Certified Facility Locksmith class is a 40-hour hands-on training course. Having a professional trained locksmith on staff at your facility can help efficiently resolve security issues and can also better secure your facilities. This will also provide a significant cost savings over calling a locksmith.