Key Cutting Machines and Programmers

Locksmiths rely on their tools every day to get the job done.
We offer both the tried and true as well as the new and innovative key machines and programming devices that security professionals use to drive their business forward.

Key Cutting Machines

Just as the field of transponder programmers has a healthy population, the same can be said for the variety of Key Cutting Machines available to locksmiths today.

The current landscape has an assortment of not just the solid manual cutting machines, but high-powered automatic cutters that have been refined to cut to the most minute of tolerances.

With just the changing of Jaws, one machine can cut for Laser Keys, Edge Cut Keys, Tibbe Keys and even the standard keys needed for residential use.

High Security and Standard Security

The question of whether to turn to a manual key cutting machine or an automatic one will have you, the locksmith, weighing the needs of your company. While there are manual key machines readily available and equipped for cutting high security keys, most need extensive adjustment that introduces a greater possibility for error as well as adding much more time to a job. A well-equipped automatic Key Machine will duplicate keys quickly with programmed precision, however, with the added sophistication comes a higher price tag and a shorter service interval.

Transponder Key Programmer

Transponder Programming

With changing times, the car key has gotten much more sophisticated. Automotive security has taken long strides forward and also has the complication of the methods needed for copying and generation. Automotive manufacturers have placed many more hurdles that need the most cutting-edge tools to bypass. Luckily Locksmiths have their choice of equipment as multifunction programming devices have started appearing at many price points.

Device Pricing

Machine shopping can be daunting. With machines at different price points, similarly equipped devices can be priced wildly different from each other. Often a feature may be exclusive to one machine over another and that can affect how a machine gets priced, but in the modern industrious age, the manufacturing process can have just as much of an impact on pricing. Sometimes all the difference can be found in the machines having technical support locally available in the USA versus having to work with a technical support team overseas or in some cases, not available at all. But whatever priced machine you choose to buy, H.L. Flake will beat ANY PRICE on Key Machines, Programmers and Cloners by 5% up to $250!