Automatic Door Operators

The ADA-EZ From Norton is a Wireless Powered Operator fit for Nearly Any Door!

Who says ADA compliance needs to be complicated? Norton’s 5800 Series ADA-EZ Door Operator let’s you wirelessly integrate an automatic door operator into most entries; including those where traditional automatic operators simply can’t fit!

Norton ADAEZ 5800 Series Wireless Door Operator

As a low energy operator, Norton’s ADAEZ series is able to maintain extended periods of automatic function by regenerating its power from manual use! As little as 5 manual opening provides the equivalent energy to an automatic operation! Even with the regenerative function chargign the battery, the Norton ADAEZ 5800 Series is still available as a plug-in version.


Simple Installation

  • Mounts on door
  • No voltage / low voltage power to opening
  • Includes stainless steel, weatherized RF push buttons
  • Patented Auto-Tune ensures safety & compliance


  • Non-handed
  • Push and pull side mounting
  • Adjustable open/closing force
  • Controls doors up to 48” wide & 250 lbs
  • Functions like ordinary door closer when used manually


  • Grade 1 – heavy-duty, commercial design
  • Protection from high-wind & abusive environments
  • Built-in battery backup allows use during power failure
  • Brushless DC motor/gearbox tested 10+ million cycles
  • Power Close ensures consistent door latching

How Can We Help?


    • Regenerative drive or continuous duty operation
    • Non-handed
    • 95° max. door opening
    • Push and pull side mounting
    • Push-and-Go (ADA1015P Kit must be connected)
    • Power Close (ADA1015P Kit must be connected)
    • Radio Frequency stainless steel push buttons
    • Integral RF receiver
    • Shock absorbing arm
    • 693T (black) and 689 (aluminum) covers
    • 24 VDC input port
    • ADA1015P hardware kit
    • Built-in ON/OFF Switch
    • Auxiliary activation input port
    • Maximum door width – 48″
    • Maximum door weight – 250 lbs
    • Patented Auto-Tune feature ensures safety and compliance with A156.19 code

    Use Wave-To-Open Switches for a Touchless Environment

    Now, more than ever, has the concept of touchless environments been in demand. No longer an idea out of science fiction, touchless environments have gone from a special feature to a necessity in many buildings areas. Now that many door operator designs have become sophisticated enough to be installed on virtually any entry, the applications of touchless entry has expanded significantly.

    Norton’s 700 Wave-to-Open Switches detect motion and can open doors when paired with compatible door operators. All without touching hardware and transferring germs! The 700 Switch is a great accessory for creating a touch-free environment and is compatible with the following Norton operators: 5600 Series, 5700 Series, 5900 Series and 6000 Series.

    Norton 700 wave to Open Switch

    Features & Benefits

    • Reduced read range of up to 4” greatly minimizes false triggers
    • Provides audible and visual cues to activation
    • Variable hold time of 1 to 35 seconds
    • Durable stainless steel body holds up in moist environments
    • Aesthetically-pleasing design coordinates with other Norton accessories for a cohesive look
    • Available in single and double gang (every order receives one of each)
    • Pulse mode only