Locksmithing Tools and Equipment

Automotive Locksmithing Tools

Automotive Locksmiths have a wide range of responsibilities. While a large portion of the job is servicing lockout situations, often too an experienced Automotive Locksmith will find them self in need of the locksmithing tools and equipment that allow them to read and originate new keys. The selection at H.L. Flake has both situations and everything in between covered, including Original Lishi products.

Original Lishi Locksmithing Tools and Equipment

H.L. Flake carries only the Original Lishi tools invented by Mr. Li himself. These tools revolutionized the automotive industry and cover a wide variety of vehicle applications.

Locksmithing Tools and Equipment

2-In-1 Tools

Lishi 2-In-1 Tools are a time saving way to open locked cars or make replacement keys. Each tool is inserted into a vehicle lock and used to pick the lock to a position where it traps the wafers. The wafer depth can then be read to determine the cuts for a replacement key.

Locksmithing Tools and Equipment


Original Lishi Readers allow the decoding of bitting depths without having to first pick the vehicle lock. Each reader corresponds to a particular keyway utilized by various automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Featured Parts

Locksmithing Tools and Equipment
Part Number Description
LISHI2-1FO38 Original Lishi 2-In-1 Tool for Ford 8 Cut
LISHI-READER-HON70 Original Lishi Direct Reader for Honda Motorcycle with HD109 Keyway

Car Opening Locksmith Tools and Equipment

For over 30 years, Access Tools has been the leading manufacturer of lockout service equipment. Their high quality control, consistent innovation, and superb customer service has often made them the choice for both seasoned and starting car opening professionals. Their One Hand Jack Set is Access Tools most popular car opening tool kit. It is designed to include the essentials needed to get into most vehicles quickly and effectively.

One Hand Jack

An upgrade to the traditional wedge; use this pry-style tool to create enough space to easily insert the Air Wedge without damaging the vehicle, or flip it over to use it’s traditional wedge shaped handle. It uses a rubber pivot to provide leverage to create working room to insert the Air Wedge. After using this tool, you will never go back to a traditional wedge again.

Air Wedge

The Air Jack from Access Tools is the industry’s best. The bladder is made out of ballistic nylon, not rubber, which is important because rubber stretches, while the nylon wont. The Air Wedge is meant for smaller vehicles. to further aid insertion, there is a built in stiffener that prevents the wedge from bending when you insert it.

Quick Max Long Reach

The Quick Max long reach tool features a pre-bent shape that makes it usable in most situations without any further modification. The Store-N-Go handle holds extra tips for the long reach tool, and the scratch proof coating protects the vehicles finish when performing a lockout.

Button Grabber Strip Tool

The Button Strip Tool was designed for insertion into narrow gaps for grabbing vertical buttons. Just insert the tool into the top of the door, manipulate the tool and grab the button to pull up. This tool is a staple for any lockout tool kit.

Featured Parts

Part Number Description
OHJ4 One Hand Jack Set
OHJ One Hand Jack
AW Air Wedge
QM Quick Max Long Reach Tool
BS Button Strip Tool

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