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We stock a wide range of vehicle locks and ignitions, as well as transponder keys, remote head keys, fobs, vehicle remotes, transponder chips and key shells to provide you with the products you need to offer your customer quick reliable service.

The Right Supplies for the Job

As a Locksmith specializing in Automotive work, you’ll find yourself responsible for all types of service requests. Lockouts and cutting keys may seem par for the course of any Locksmith, but as an Automotive Locksmith you’ll find yourself in need of not only different tools, but different supplies as well.

Keys for the Modern Day

The days of the one-piece metal key are all but gone. Today a new vehicle use of a key without a transponder is for emergency purposes only.

The modern key is often a remote headed key complete with every functional button possible, but it can also sometimes be a FOBIK device allowing for remote keyless entry that can also even start the car like a traditional key would.

Added Value in Repair

While the cost involved with the initial generation of a transponder key may cause hesitation for some customers, the multi-piece construction of a modern key allows for much more affordable repairs to existing keys. The availability of shells and blades as products the Locksmith can sell a la carte allows for easy service that customers would not need to turn to a dealer for, regardless of digital rights management implemented in the transponder chip.

Locks and Ignitions

Servicing locks in the traditional sense is not a foreign project to an Automotive locksmith. The locks in a vehicle’s doors, the trunk, the glovebox as well as the ignition are all subject to abuse.
H.L. Flake carries not just entire lock assemblies to replace faulty components, but also wafer kits and complete service packages to rebuild and repair locks for your customers’ vehicles.

Vehicle Lookup

Finding the right stuff needed for a project should be the easiest part of your job. With’s built in Vehicle Lookup we’ve made it easy for you to instantly find the applicable keys, transponder chips, locks and ignitions needed for your customers’ vehicles.