Access Control

The demand for electronic security systems and hardware continues to grow each year. H.L. Flake has expanded our offering to meet the needs of the security professional.

We offer Access Control Systems, Stand Alone Locks, Exit Alarms, Power Supplies, Electric Strikes, Mag Locks and a variety of buttons, and switches to complete your access control project.

Access Control Systems

H.L Flake has partnered with select systems providers to offer you a wide range of options from sophisticated cloud-based access solutions to stand alone pushbutton locks outfitting a single door. Whatever the scope of your access control project, we want to make finding the ideal components the easiest part of your integration process.

Alarm Lock Systems is a leader in access and egress solutions for education, healthcare, multi-use commercial, retail, transportation & industry. Field-proven standalone Trilogy® electronic keyless access locks, provide access control with PIN-code or built-in HID® Prox, Multi-technology or swipe reader for ID badges. Wireless Trilogy Networx™ access locks, are easily networked using Gateways and Expanders, eliminating door-to-door operations and featuring global lockdown or unlock in seconds, activated from any lock or the computer network’s server.

Cansec Systems Ltd. is one of the fastest growing card access control systems manufacturers in the world. They offer traditional client/server access system, cloud based access system and fully-featured integrated solutions for controlling access to multiple facilities.

Keri Systems is one of the world’s most popular providers of access control and integrated security systems. They offer systems from single door to enterprise-class and all types in between. Integration with badging, video, telephone entry, and biometrics, and a system architecture cost-effective, sophisticated systems for all types of customers.

ZKTeco’s new Atlas series offers state-of-the-art 1, 2 and 4 door access control panels with built-in Web Application eliminating the need for management software. Access control panels with built-in web applications meaning there is no software download required.
The Mobile App features include: remotely unlocking doors, universal lockdown & recovery, access to events & alarms, adding/modifying users, and much more.

Stand-Alone Access Control Locks

H.L. Flake stocks a large selection of the most popular stand-alone access control locks for many different outdoor and indoor applications. These single door solutions are often self-contained units requiring no further purchase and have little deviation from a standard door hardware installation.

Electronic Pushbutton Locks

Available for both indoor and outdoor applications, electronic pushbutton locks are offered in a variety of configurations for any access control project. Most models can be run with self contained battery power and are available in a variety of form factors, functions and finishes. While they are easily integrated into access control security as standalone solutions, these locks are still offered with an assortment of options that expands their capabilities to encompass every aspect of securing a door such as remote access, audit trails, and programmable scheduling- all right on the door!

Mechanical Pushbutton Locks

While not usually equipped to the same extent as electronic locks when it comes to frills and options, a fully mechanical pushbutton lock will often be able to service a much higher count of use cycles and boast a more robust construction quality. And of course, when it comes to their service needs, battery changing will not be a factor. Mechanical Push Button locks are great for outdoor applications in facility locations that see a lot of traffic.

Electronic Smart Deadbolts

When it comes to securing a residential use door, your customer’s forefront demands will be aesthetics and convenience. The deadbolt in particular is often the most incouos looking part of the residential lockset. Often equipped with a bevy of functions, mobile app integration and a high availability of finish options, your customers will consider an Electronic Deadbolt a welcomed upgrade.