We Want to Hear From You!

We Want to Hear From You!

Normally this would have been one of the busiest weeks of the year for our company as the 10th annual Tradeshow and Education weekend was supposed to be starting tomorrow.  Originally we were expecting over 100+ manufacturers 750+ locksmiths and a 50+ classes of locksmith education, but a lot has changed over the last few weeks and for the safety of our community we’ve had to postpone the Tradeshow until early this Summer.

However, despite this setback, we will still offer some of this education and content to you online through Live!&A Sessions and Webinars. We intend to start with our Resident Access Control Specialist, Brenton Webb, hosting a Live Q&A session. We’d love to have your questions queued up for him, so please leave those in the comments. Beyond that, we’d also like to know what topics you would like us to focus on. We’d like to reach out to manufacturers and instructors to still provide locksmiths and security professionals the industry education and training that they need

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