Access Control Specialists in Houston and Jacksonville!

Access Control Consultation in Houston, Texas

Access Control Specialists in Houston and Jacksonville!

Brenton Webb

Brenton has worked as a security integrator for the past 13 years. During this time he has completed projects large and small, using a variety of different software systems, that incorporate all manner of electronic security hardware and components. Brenton will be a valuable resource to our internal sales staff, and you our customer, for sales support and training programs.

Free Access Control Consultation in Houston

Take your business to the next level by offering access control systems. Brenton Webb, H.L. Flake’s Access Control Specialist, will walk you through all you need to know using our new display boards in our will call area. Can’t make it to our warehouse, set up a conference call with Brenton instead! He can help you with project planning and ensuring you gather the right information from your customer to bid your project.

Jamy Frederick

Jamy is a second generation locksmith who has worked in the Jacksonville area for 51 years. The last 40 or so years he has focused on electronic access control. While Jamy will be a resource for the local locksmiths on the counter, he will also offer support as an EAC specialist to all of H.L. Flake’s customers.

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